Dc power supply

  • Dc stable voltage and current supply
  • Dc stable voltage and current supply
Dc stable voltage and current supply Dc stable voltage and current supply

Dc stable voltage and current supply

This series of switching programmable DC power supply, DC constant voltage constant current power supply is a high frequency switching DC power supply using PWM technology, modular design, DSP digital control technology, with constant voltage, constant current, constant power mode output, automatic cross conversion, maintain control and protection characteristics. Ensure high precision, low ripple, high voltage and current dynamic response speed, and efficiency up to 93%; Compared with the traditional thyristor power supply, high-frequency switching DC power supply has the advantages of small size, light weight, small ripple, high power factor, good stability, especially high voltage output stability is especially obvious; The products are mainly located in electronic power production, battery industry, PCB board manufacturing industry and communication, PLC power supply, electromechanical aging test, DC motor testing, automatic test system integration, battery charging and simulation, hybrid electric vehicles and photovoltaic inverter testing research units, laboratories for high-precision DC power supply, used to replace imported high-power DC power products.

Characteristics of DC constant voltage constant current power supply:

1. High speed DSP for PID operation, direct output PWM, modular design, high power density, small size, greatly reduce the failure rate;

2. The control circuit adopts high speed CPU, high voltage stabilization precision, small ripple;

3. Use 16bit high-speed ADC to measure voltage and current quickly and accurately;

4. With constant voltage, constant current, constant power mode output, can automatically cross conversion, maintain both control and protection characteristics;

5. With over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit protection function, in the system, you can set over voltage (OVP), over current (OCP), and can modify the value;

6. With 9 groups of memory, it can set the commonly used parameters (voltage, current) and call it when convenient to use. 30 groups of different voltage, current, power, rise time and running time can be set at a time, and 999,999 times of continuous cycle test can be done. The running time can be set to 1ms;

7. Provide embedded intelligent PC monitoring system, with RS232, (RS485) communication interface;

8. Digital key operation voltage, current, time setting;

9. With line pressure drop compensation function;

10. Input/output isolation;

Constant voltage, constant current switching description: in rated power, voltage and current output, you can freely combine the desired Settings; The output mode is constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC). The output mode depends on the output voltage of the power supply, the current setting value and the load resistance. As shown in the figure: Curves 1 and curve represent two loads with different resistance values, when curve 1 and Iset intersect, the power supply operates in CC mode, and when curve 2Vset intersects, the power supply operates in Cv mode.

A simple calculation can determine which state the load is in:

Here Vset= set voltage value, Iset= set voltage value, then the set load value can be obtained Rset=Vset/Iset; If we have an actual load value RL=Vo/Io, when RL>Rset, then the power supply operates in constant voltage mode, when RL

Dc constant voltage constant current power supply application:

1. Testing and aging of LED, energy-saving lamps and other lamps

2. Switch the power supply and power adapter

3. Photovoltaic and inverter aging test

4. Aerospace, national defense and military industry

5. Testing and aging of electric motor, controller and DC motor

6 capacitors, resistors, relays, transistors, sensors and other electronic devices

7. Electrolysis, electroplating, corrosion aluminum foil processing, such as LCD screen, touch screen and other displays

8. Semiconductor testing equipment

9.DC/DC, DC/AC test

10. Switch/connector test

11. Power supply of MOCVD

12. Passive component testing

13. Electroplating, sputtering, surface coating

14. Chemical treatment

15. Water treatment

16. Heat Treatment

17. Battery charging and discharging test

18. Testing of automobiles and electric vehicles

19.LED test power supply

20. Lighting equipment test

21. Telecommunications and IT industries

22. Automated Test System (ATE)

23. Factory automation

24. Quality inspection

25. Power supply for production line