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  • High voltage dc power supply
High voltage dc power supply High voltage dc power supply

High voltage dc power supply

Product introduction

KH-DKG/SKG series high-voltage DC power supply in addition to the characteristics of KH-DK/SK power supply, but also has the characteristics of high output voltage, we can manufacture according to customer requirements of ultra-high voltage (up to 100000V) power supply, and power up to 60kW, voltage and current can be continuously adjustable, can be full load continuous stable work.

High voltage DC power supply can be used in the defense of high sophisticated test, gas discharge, high voltage tube test aging, also can be used in other electronic components test aging. Since the output voltage of the power supply is high, in the case of no special requirements, the output negative terminal is generally connected with the chassis, namely the ground wire, to ensure the personal safety of users.

high-voltage DC power supplyhigh-voltage DC power supply

Performance characteristics of high voltage DC power supply

● Specification range: output voltage 800-100kV, output current 0-50A, output power 0-60kW within the optional;

Constant voltage constant current: voltage value from 0 to 100% rating continuously adjustable current from zero to rating continuously adjustable, constant voltage constant current automatic conversion;

● Overvoltage protection: voltage protection value 0-110% rating continuously adjustable, power output voltage exceeds the voltage protection value will trip protection;

Short circuit protection: rated voltage below 10KV allows short circuit and sound alarm, short circuit trip protection above 10KV;

● Overload protection: power supply or load failure, output current exceeds 1.5 times the rated value, power trip protection;

● Short circuit alarm: when the output short circuit, the power supply sound and light alarm (optional);

● Automatic discharge: power off discharge for capacitive load (optional);

● Output display: voltage, current and LED digital tube display (standard); LCD display (optional);

● Pulse work: can be equipped with time controller constitute pulse power supply (optional);

● Intelligent: can be connected with the computer, composed of computer monitoring intelligent power supply (optional);

● Analog signal interface: Users can control the output voltage and current of the power supply with 0~5V or 4~20mA signals (optional).