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  • Programmed high voltage power supply
Programmed high voltage power supply

Programmed high voltage power supply

Program-controlled high-voltage power supply refers to the output voltage and current of the high-voltage power supply controlled by the program, so that it can meet the high-voltage needs of industrial, medical, scientific research and other fields. It generally has the following characteristics:

1. Programmable: The output voltage and current can be adjusted by programming or control.

2. Good stability: good stability, high accuracy of output voltage and current, small fluctuation.

3. Safety: with overload, overvoltage, overcurrent protection functions, but also with soft switch, anti-lightning, anti-interference and other safety protection functions.

4. High efficiency: The use of high efficiency switching circuit with high efficiency conversion and thermal management, high operating efficiency.

5. Good reliability: It has the characteristics of long life, high voltage resistance and strong anti-interference ability.

Program-controlled high-voltage power supply is widely used in ultrasonic cleaning, X-ray detection, aircraft testing, electrochemical technology, particle accelerator and other fields, to provide a reliable power supply for various high-voltage equipment.

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