High voltage power supply

  • High-voltage precision power supply
High-voltage precision power supply

High-voltage precision power supply

High voltage precision power supply is a kind of power supply equipment, which can provide high precision and high stability of DC voltage. Compared with ordinary high-voltage power supply, it has the following characteristics besides more accurate output voltage range:

1. The output voltage range is wider: generally can output from hundreds of volts to tens of thousands of volts of high voltage.

2. Smaller output current: Because it is mainly used for testing instruments, scientific research equipment, etc., the output current is usually small, mostly in milliampere level, and requires high precision and high stability.

3. The control mode is more flexible: the high-voltage precision power supply can be adjusted by manual or automatic control, or even remotely controlled by the computer.

4. More perfect protection mechanism: generally with overload, overheating, short circuit, leakage protection mechanism, to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

In contrast, the ordinary high-voltage power supply is used in some industrial or civil aspects, with large output current, relatively simple control mode and so on.

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