High voltage power supply

  • High voltage adjustable DC power supply
High voltage adjustable DC power supply

High voltage adjustable DC power supply

High voltage adjustable DC power supply DC0-5000V/0-10A

Product Overview:

High voltage adjustable DC power supply is a high frequency switching DC power supply using PWM technology, modular design, the use of advanced DSP digital control technology, to ensure the high precision of DC power output, low ripple, voltage and current dynamic response speed, and efficiency up to 93%; Compared with the traditional thyristor power supply, high-frequency switching DC power supply has the advantages of small size, light weight, small ripple, high power factor, good stability, especially high voltage output stability is especially obvious; The products are mainly located in electronic power production, battery industry, PCB board manufacturing industry and communications, PLC power supply, mechanical and electrical aging test, research units, laboratories for high-precision DC power supply needs. Used to replace imported medium power DC power supply products.

High voltage adjustable DC power supply features:

● The output voltage can be adjusted from zero volts; The output current can be preset from zero;

● Voltage and current adjustment is convenient;

● The use of constant voltage and constant current, can automatically cross conversion, maintain control and protection characteristics;

● High voltage stability precision, low ripple current;

● With over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit protection function;

● Constant current, constant pressure;

● I/O isolation.

High voltage adjustable DC power supply application:

●LED, energy-saving lamps and other lamp testing and aging

● Switching power supply, power adapter

● Photovoltaic, inverter test aging

● Aerospace, national defense industry

● Electric vehicle motor, controller, DC motor test and aging

Capacitors, resistors, relays, transistors, sensors and other electronic devices

Electrolysis, electroplating, corrosion aluminum foil processing, etc.? LCD screen, touch screen and other displays

● Automotive electronics, DC motor, motor controller, cigarette lighter, audio and video test aging, etc

Product specifications:

Power: 600W-2000KW

Working: Switching PWM

Voltage: 220V±15%/380V±15%

Frequency: 47HZ-63HZ

Voltage: 0-100% Continuously adjustable at full scale

Current: 0-100% continuously adjustable at full scale

rms Voltage Ripple: 0.2%FS(full scale) voltage

rms Current Ripple: 0.3%FS(full scale) voltage

Line Regulation: ±0.1%FS

Load Regulation: ± ≤ 0.5%FS

Effciency: ≥ 93%

Voltage Resolution: Vo < 1000:0.1V; Vo ≥ 1000V:1V

Current Resolution: Output 100A > Io ≥ 10A: resolution 0.01A; Output 1000A > Io ≥ 100A: resolution 0.1A; Output I/O ≥ 1000A: Resolution 1A.

Display: Four digit meter voltage V, current I

CV: 0-100% adjustable rated voltage

CC: 0-100% adjustable rated current

Voltage: ±0.5%FS+5dgt

Current: ±0.5%FS+5dgt

Load speciality: Applies to various loads

Insulation: Input 20MΩ 500VDC to the housing and output 20MΩ 500VDC to the housing

Pressure resistance: Input to housing 1500VAC 1 min, input to output 1500VAC 1 min

Cooling: The fan is cooled forcibly

Environment: 0-40 ℃ 20-80%RH(no condensation)